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You can call me… Elijah.

I identify as… a dude. Just, flat out, a boy. Male. Sometimes I feel like the transsexual part of that is important, other times I totally forget that I’m trans and only remember when I move and my binder shifts. Though I may be effeminate, I’m still a boy. (Not really quite a man yet. Not that mature.)

As far as third-person pronouns go, … He, his, etc., although I’m forgiving if you slip up. These are the early days.

I’m attracted to… Gender is kind of like hair color for me, it’s just sort of there. Same with physical sex. Dominance is key. If you’re confident in yourself, I like that.

When people talk about me, I want them to… make sure I am not listening, because if I hear you saying something ignorant or bigoted I WIIIILLL CUUUUUT YOUUUUUUU.

I want people to understand… you are allowed to change your mind. You are allowed to think about what you want. The path you take is the one you decide upon, and no one else can make the choice for you.

Make sure you think about your future because I know for many early-transition trans people there are more things to do, more people to come out to, more products to buy, more steps to take. While there are many resources for the people trying to figure out what kind of a man or woman or other they might be, there aren’t enough for those who now have to figure out how to live with what kind of a man or woman or other they are now.

About Elijah.
I’m a Korean high school sophomore in New York City. Bow ties are cool.

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2 Responses to “Profile: Elijah”

  1. Daniel

    Oh, hey, I think I used to follow you on tumblr before I deactivated it. If so you were like the coolest person on there.


  2. dimovier

    Oh crap I remember this. Yeah hhahahahfdkl oh god that wasn’t a good name for me at all. I did change it to something my parents could actually pronounce. Pro tip: Korean accents mean “j” turns into “z” so they were calling me Eliza and that was awkward.

    Also, quick message to all those early in transition: MAKE SURE YOU THINK ABOUT WANTING TO BE STEALTH! The internet is forever. This is why I try not to attach my current real legal name to anything trans related on the internet until I have had enough experience with people not knowing I am trans.

    Also lol this was literally a year ago. Genderfork has a looooong queue.

    Also thank you person above, I can assure you that I am still the coolest person on Tumblr thank you very much

    Also awkward I have another profile on here I went by Seth for like a week and during that week I submitted a profile

    Actually I submitted like a dozen sans pictures it was doofy


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