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You can call me… Reneta Scian, Reneta, or Renee for short.

I identify as… a woman.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer female pronouns, her, she, or my name.

I’m attracted to… primarily androgynous and masculine females, but I find femme girls cute too.  Transmen, as long as they treat me like a lady. I like cute boys, and ironically find rugged men pretty hot, though I don’t know if I’d ever date one.  Other transwomen are attractive to me on as well.  I am effectively attracted to people who take the traditional male role in the relationship, which I refer to as the lead role.  It’s just what I am happy with and has nothing to do with gender.

When people talk about me, I want them to… not judge me for being different.  I want them to see that I am a woman for regardless of the things that make me masculinized or feminized, but society has a propensity to label me with heinous names as though I am a criminal.  They call me a transsexual, a tranny, t-girl, or worse, “A really gender confused man.”  I want them to know, I have never been confused about my gender, but that it is they who are confused about my gender.

I want people to understand… that the icons of masculinity and femininity they covet makes them all look inferior in juxtaposition.  Why covet an impossible to attain Duke Nukem-ish person as the icon of maleness, and a Japanese Pop idol as the icon of femaleness. There are only a handful (less than 1 : 1,000,000) in the world’s population that can even measure up.  It’s ludicrous, and not to mention unfeasible and unhealthy.  We have to love the lives and bodies we have, so expecting us to live up to the gender binary and following such fallacious icons borders on criminal.  Some people need to change their bodies to live a fully functional life, some don’t.  If you don’t, good for you.  Expecting me, however, to play the cards dealt to me from a deck stacked against me is wrong.  Like medical treatments done everyday to make peoples lives better, conforming my body to my true gender identity is just as important.

About Reneta
I am me.  I can’t not be me.  Most of my life I was in a fight between myself, and what the world would allow me to be.  I am a kind and gentle spirit faced with a world of hatred and hostility for me.  I guess, some days I am waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and rescue me. If I was a fantasy character, I would be both the heroine and the damsel in distress (most likely because I have noble intentions and the grace of a boulder rolling down a hill).  I can be a klutz, and if you see me going more than 5 minutes without limping, tripping, spilling, falling or bumping something then you have witnessed a miracle. 

If I was a superheroine, I’d be the one to swoop in to save the day, tweak my ankle upon landing and topple into a Starbucks, only stopping when a dense enough object resists my forward momentum.  I am a nerd, and a geek, but I am by far socially inept, I just tend to remain anonymous.  I am the girl who sits in the corner and has people approach her.  I like flattery, but it’ll get you no where, actions speak louder than words.  I can tell more about you from your eyes, lips and face, your body language, and demeanor than I can from anything you say in the first 5 minutes.  I am an empath, you can’t hide your feelings from me, but you can hide why your feeling it.

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6 Responses to “Profile: Reneta”

  1. Charles

    You’re gorgeous! :)


  2. Brett Blatchley

    Goodness Renee!!! You *are* a WOMAN!!!

    I love your pose! Your bust, your hips, your physique are *so graceful* (AND I want your hips!!!) :-)


  3. Brett Blatchley

    Renee? I failed to mention that I admire your soul and spirit!! From what you’ve written and the way you write, I sense that your beauty comes from the inside-out, and that’s so blessed! :-)


  4. Kay Jones

    Great profile… I feel similar in most respects!


  5. Venyamína

    I love the way you speak, Reneta. “I am me. I can’t not be me. Most of my life I was in a fight between myself, and what the world would allow me to be.” I identify so strongly with that, and respect the hell out of you. May you find (if you haven’t already) places that you will feel accepted and loved in. You deserve it! (:


  6. Reneta Scian

    Thank you for your kind words and support. I’d actually like to update that photo. I don’t look like that very much at all now. Anyhow, thanks again.


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