I’m going to dance.

Someone wrote…

I bought my first dress today, going out to a dance party tomorrow. I’m okay with my genderqueer kinda-femmie-self, I’m going to be out soon, honestly I’m working on it. I’m sick of hiding my affections, my behaviors, my preferred mode of dress.
I’ve hated myself for years, the fear of being found out forced me into drugs and spiraling downward level of self-esteem, this changes now. I’m moving forward. I’m expressing who I am. I’m fighting the patriarchy that shamed me into self-destruction, and I’m going to dance!

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on April 2nd, 2013 at 08:00 am

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11 Responses to “I’m going to dance.”

  1. radical/rebel


    one of my most deeply held values.

    good for you. I bet you’re going to look amazing and even more, have a great time in your new dress.


  2. Anonymous

    I hope you dance! Reminds me of a song I listen to in my safe space when I am alone in my living room…I sing along and pretend to be that fabulous musical star….or at least to be out and proud and all that dreamy stuff.

    So, I really hope you rock this party, because I helps me not to hurt myself knowing there are some brave unicorns out there who took their chance and DANCE instead of sitting it out, feeling ashamed, waiting for something or someone to give them permission to get happy.


    radical/rebel replied:

    I was thinking ALL DAY yesterday about how I don’t want to be a man, or a woman, and that my strongest gender identification is definitely unicorn.

    and I’m constantly dancing. and I’m pretty happy.

    and you can be a happy dancing unicorn too–give yourself the permission.

    radical beasts with radical dance moves,


    Anonymous replied:

    what a pitty you don`t live near my place, or even in my country. I could so need a parent-unicorn these days….cause where I am there are no other unicorns around I am not born to be a leader…one lonely unicorn makes a good vicitim….BUT I am planing to wear my new and supercool red-tartan-punkrock-Pants to a conservative wedding of a family member and this will be my little tiny unicorn-march!!


    radical/rebel replied:

    well think about it this way, they tell us unicorns don’t exist, so just by claiming your unicorn identity, you’re expressing your power!

    and we all move from places of fear and uncertainty to places when we are ready to shine, twirl, and dance… you’ll be there some day! wear your red tartan pants and some day you will find the other unicorns. we’re waiting for you with open arms and glittery horns. <3

    radical reunions with radical queer family

  3. epistemicmurk

    What was it Emma Goldman said about dancing & revolution?

    Also: how did it go??


  4. David Arnn

    Dance is my Bliss. Through Dance I found my true self. Through Dance I stopped using drugs…and was able to open up to my beautiful self that I am today!


    Wear your beautiful Dress and find your Bliss.


  5. Jesse

    My advice, don’t wear anything long and flowing to your first dance, there’s skills in moving, sitting, reaching for stuff in a long dress that need to be learned before you step out on the dance floor. That said, the same is true of a really, short, short mini, too. Be comfortable.

    And the worst of your fears won’t happen. Like me, you’ll look back on it and say, what an idiot I was to have been so afraid, I wish I’d done it so much sooner!


    epistemicmurk replied:

    Right on.


  6. Adrian Riley

    This reminds me of a poem I saw a trans woman perform on Youtube. At the end of the poem she got up and danced in front of the camera. It was powerful. I’m certainly not explaining it very well, but it was well done, and it was the first time I had ever really thought about self-assertion and liberation through dancing.


  7. epistemicmurk

    This post was repeating itself in my head again & again yesterday. Couldn’t be bothered to go out. Then I thought: Let’s put on a dress & go dancing!


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