Name: Girl with a Hoop


You can call me… Girl with a Hoop.

I identify as… myself. I have a male body, but I don’t feel particularly masculine. I dress either ambiguously or feminine. I only wear guy stuff when I really have to. I don’t feel like any of the terminology really suits me. Genderqueer sounds political, gender non-conforming sounds PC, androgynous sounds clinical. Why not just call me human.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I think it’s really sweet when people use feminine pronouns; the masculine ones are like fingers on a chalk board, though I am used to hearing them and won’t begrudge those who use them in reference to me.

I’m attracted to… feminine women who don’t mind a guy who wears more pink than they do.

When people talk about me, I want them to… try to find understanding. I hope that my appearance provokes thought, but ultimately I hope to be judged by my character, not by my dress.

I want people to understand… that there are no absolutes, that the world is not painted black and white.

About Girl with a Hoop
I am a freelance human in New York City. You can often find me in museums, galleries and cafes. You can just as often find me on my bike, summer or winter. New York is a great place to express my gender identity or lack thereof. I have lived in places where I would come to grave bodily harm or death if I dressed like I do here. See my blog at

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  1. Inge

    You sound awesome and I love your outfit.


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