Profile: Ahmed


You can call me… Ahmed.

I identify as… feminine/girly, androgynous, gender-balanced, etc.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … he.

I’m attracted to… females.

When people talk about me, I want them to… be respectful.

I want people to understand… to love.

About Ahmed
Liberal feminist Muslim. It’s weird, but I love to wear headscarves/coverings (though my wife doesn’t wear them). We have pretty much reversed roles when it comes to dress. It’s about time to subvert oppressive conventions and free ourselves from dogmatism to personal choice.

My wife and I always had our unique expression of faith, and this is pretty much how we chose to express it. It’s time that the wearing of hijab stops being so traditionally associated as women’s wear.

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Posted by on February 18th, 2013 at 08:00 am

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3 Responses to “Profile: Ahmed”

  1. Aida Elías

    You are fantastic. I have been thinking and debating a lot about the hijab, issue that has been controversial in some european countries. The debate is something like “the hijab is a symbol os oppression to the women” or “it is a cultural piece of clothing that women feel comfortable in”. But your proposal, about making the hijab for men and women (those who want it) it is a radical and new point of view I had never tought about before.

    I study journalism in Mexico and I look around for people that can tell great stories or great ideas. ¿Could I make you a series of questions? (Like an online interview and reflect around your idea?


  2. Aida Elías

    Plus, in my country we do not have a very clear idea about the muslim people. I only got information about muslims from what I saw in the news and media, and it is not the best information, they do not tend to say good things. But some years ago I met (when I was traveling in foreign countries) some muslim people that now I call my good friends. so now I have a more real (and nice) idea about muslim people. but still, I believe that still we need a lot of dialogue between our cultures, to destroy prejudices and bad impressions mexican people may have about muslim people.


  3. Allegra

    Ahmed, you are made of awesomeness. I know it probably should have occurred to me before that the hijab should be something that’s available to be worn (or not) by anyone, regardless of their gender identity, but for whatever reason the idea just never occurred.

    Thanks for blowing my mind wide-open, and more power to you in your life :)


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