Profile: Sophia


You can call me… Sophia.

I identify as…

1. A woman, and a trans woman if you need to know, though I wish I could forget about both of those and just go with “person.”

2. A femme feminist.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … “she” is good. I have to say I’m pretty embarrassingly binary … by which I mean, proudly binary and proud of my non-binary friends, lovers and allies! (What a comeback!)

I’m attracted to… women, non-binary genders and non-hairy, feminist men. Well, I can deal with hair if everything else is in top shape, but patriarchy kills my attraction instantly.

Despite being femme myself, I do like femme women a lot. I guess I like them just as much as butch and androgynous women, though in a different way.

Now that I live as a woman, it seems a bit harder to find femme women who also happen to be into me, and that’s a little disappointing.

When people talk about me, I want them to… forget about my gender for once! I don’t want to be “the trans person,” I want to be just a normal abnormal person like anyone else. Stop objectifying me by my gender status. (And while we’re at it, I want what every other trans person probably wants: to be treated and accepted as my gender rather than as my gender assigned at birth)

I want people to understand… that they don’t know what being trans means. They should stop assuming stuff.

About Sophia
I started transitioning a bit more than a year ago and, it has been a roller coaster. If we didn’t have calendars, I’d assume I started at least 10 years ago.

I’m also vegan, femme, feminist, polyamorous, an Esperanto speaker, a defender of unschooling and non-coercion in general, a believer in the gift economy, and many other labels.

As for my work, I call myself a writer. I don’t earn much money yet, but it is what I do full time. I try to help my readers become better people and change the world. You can check me out at

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3 Responses to “Profile: Sophia”

  1. Callista

    Embarrassingly binary, huh? :) Come on, you know the binary thing isn’t bad. The only time it’s bad is when people insist that everyone ought to fit into it. There are really girly girls and really manly men, and they’re just as okay as people like me, who are smack in the middle and don’t really have much of a gender identity. After all, gender-identity equality is about letting people be who they are–even if that, by pure chance, happens to be in line with the traditional concept of gender.

    You’re cute, BTW. The glasses look great on you.


  2. Anonymous

    Vi estas belan virinon kaj mi esperas ke ni havu pli da priparlado en esperantujo pri la genro kaj la pronomojn neuxtralojn!


  3. Boo

    Sophia, you seem like a top-notch kinda gal! :)


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