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You can call me… Toby Amber.

I identify as… a changeable combination of outer maleness and inner femaleness, modulated by fickle but cornucopias neurochemistry.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I don’t mind. It depends on what people think sounds right considering what I’m wearing at the time. In boolean situations it’d be “she.”

I’m attracted to… clever, sensible and sane bisexual females.

When people talk about me, I want them to… say “I’m so glad Amber has finally appeared!” Or to realise that their problem with me is inversely proportional to my caring about it.

I want people to understand… that gender is socially constructed, and thus demonstrably distorted: biology shows that the possible combinations and interactions of neurology and physiology far exceed the limits of normative social control – through taboo, purity, and other concepts born of fear and ignorance – whose barbaric cultural traditions are our unfortunate but not inevitable inheritance.

About Toby Amber
Artist, eccentric, and secretly busy first-novelist. Lately come out to family and colleagues as transgender (no intention to change bodily, but social transformation means everything to me, I’m learning a new personality), enabled by the acquisition of wigs, clothes that fit me and rebuilt self-respect after many years spent wandering lost.

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  1. roadstermom

    I am wondering if any gq children are predominately born to artist moms My zir is highly intelligent and was taught by me to live outside of the box . She is 12 and agoraphobic as she does not want to be judged and I am having difficulty communicating with the child. I am pleased to read you are comfortable in your skin. Thank you


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