Question: On the issue of our parents

Kurtis asks…

I myself identify as FtM transgender, a concept that neither of my parents have fully embraced yet, not because of prejudices but because of what they have known to be true all their lives.

My parents are very smart people, very accepting people, they welcome more than one idea for sure. But when it comes to something so apparently concrete like gender, they hit a wall.

And I don’t see this issue as one that “just needs time” or as one that “they will come around to”. No, I can see us fighting about this for years to come until I move out and that will be that. I want to try and keep that from happening, of course, I want them to understand and accept me as well as whoever I might befriend in the coming years.

So what I’m really asking for here is advice: how do my parents and I learn from this experience and grow around it? How do I educate those who refuse to learn? How do I properly express my anguish in this situation? Thanks a ton in advance.

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Posted by on September 2nd, 2013 at 08:00 am

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3 Responses to “Question: On the issue of our parents”

  1. johnny mack

    This is who god wants you to be and anything else would be dishonest. Being machined and socialized to fit into stereo-typical boxes is easy, your path is not the easier softer way. This shows respect for Who you really are. For that as a parent I think your parents should be standing tall and proud of you for the courage to be who you really are.

    just my thoughts I would be proud to have you as a son, rock on


  2. Poppalot

    Educate by example, by doing and being who you are.


  3. Arthur

    This is the exact same situation I’m in with my parents. I wish you the best of luck.


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