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Today I was registering online for an academic conference and when I was entering my personal details, I was offered the option of using the title ‘Mx’ instead of ‘Mr’ or ‘Ms’.

I knew Mx was a gender-neutral title, but I’d never seen it actually used before, let alone in such an official context as a university website. I felt so relieved to be able to choose it; I never realised how much it had been getting to me having to subtly misgender myself every time I filled in an online form.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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3 Responses to “Mx”

  1. Mx Alex

    I did not know the existence of Mx, seriously, this is awesome !
    I am very happy for you, and I hope to see it more everywhere :)


  2. QQT

    I’m glad to hear that it’s gaining acceptance and that universities are actually using it themselves!

    When I was applying to study at my current uni, I had to ask the system admins to add ‘Mx’ as an option – they did it immediately. It might have contributed to me deciding to take their offer to study there =P


  3. Briar

    As my partner was registering for classes for this coming fall semester, they addressed each of their professors as Mx in the numerous emails they sent out (except in one case, where the prof. used male pronouns in his own bio). Their email signature also contains their pronouns

    They did it just as one of the small activism things that nearly all minorities are forced to engage in on a daily basis- that little bit of awareness raising and resistance to the system. So boy were we surprised when one professor emailed them back saying that although they usually let people use she pronouns for them, they really appreciated the gender neutral honorific. They then went on to explain that although the class was already full, they thought they could find a spot for my partner- since “us non-binary folks have to stick together.”


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