Profile: Little Bear

You can call me… Little Bear

I identify as… A Fun swirly swirl of masculine, feminine, and everything between; bursting with gender; a bad-ass bearded lady; a fuzzy little bear.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’m not too concerned. They/them is cool, but I’m also fine with she/her. I get he/him once in a blue moon.

I’m attracted to… sardonic wit, social justice warriors (taking that back from people who say that pejoratively), warm expressive eyes, kooky laughs, distinct voices, big hands, emotional vulnerability, dirty grins. I have a right-brain-boner for operatic singing voices.

When people talk about me, I want them to… break out in song. Spoken word can never, ever do me justice.

I want people to understand… – that gender, presentation, and sex are three different things with no obligation to be in some order that makes “sense” to you.
– that living openly & unabashedly is not an attempt to shock, offend, anger, or bait for attention.
– that being kind, gentle, and optimistic takes a lot more courage than being hard, angry, and bitter.
– that love heals everything. hate heals nothing.

About Little Bear
Little Bear is a composer, chanteuse, artist, editor, & performing bearded lady with the sideshow the Wreckless Freeks in Seattle, WA. They’re openly polyamorous with a wonderful boyfriend & girlfriend, devoutly Pagan, queer, feminist, and pansexual. They love cooking with lots of butter and bacon. They love opera, cats, tattoos, and autumn. They cry a lot and just have a lot of feels, dammit!

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4 Responses to “Profile: Little Bear”

  1. radical/rebel

    “that being kind, gentle, and optimistic takes a lot more courage than being hard, angry, and bitter.”

    THIS is so awesome! thank you for saying it! it feels amazing to read it! you seem super super rad!

    stay beautiful


    Little Bear replied:

    Thank you so much <3


  2. Anonymous

    You’re awesome sauce All day!


    Little Bear replied:

    why thank you :3


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