Question: Longer hairstyles for Genderqueer people

Sophia/James asks…

Hello! I have been considering getting my hair cut short to look more, well, genderqueer. It’s pretty difficult trying to convince others that I don’t identify as one gender, and I still haven’t succeeded, but I probably won’t be respected like that so easily since I’m only thirteen.
I’ve noticed that a lot of genderfluid individuals have short hair, and I’m sure anyone can see why that is convenient.

However, I’m curious to know if there are any longer hairstyles out there that would show me to be more visibly genderqueer? I’m not opposed to having it cut short to look more androgynous, but I still want to know what’s best for me.

Please post your response in the comments below.

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3 Responses to “Question: Longer hairstyles for Genderqueer people”

  1. N.

    I knew a kid who had uber curly, shoulder-length hair that they would dye with bits of yellow. Not sure why that worked, but they could pass for either binary gender. Some things that may have helped them pass:

    1. no bangs
    2. dye color that any gender-conforming person would have, boy or girl
    3. I know lots of boys with shoulder-length hair but none with longer than that

    It also helps to have some sort of “style” as opposed to just a t-shirt and jeans. I find that the more stylized my outfit is, the more people will see me as genderfuid. Baggy pants and I’m a boy, sundress and I’m a girl. If you’ve got blue-tinted glasses, a leather skirt, and a zebra-print bow tie all in one, the hair will be complimentary to what’s going on with the rest of you. There are some great pictures of hair on genderfork, too.


  2. Rusty

    I think mullets or the like, and when people have really short bangs but also shaved on the sides (Grimes had one). Undercuts. You could completely shave the back and part of the sides and keep a portion of it long. Also, pompadours on the top of long hair.

    But ultimately I don’t even think that hairstyles are genderqueer. People make the hair genderqueer. But I get you, good luck.


  3. kaberett

    I have waist-length hair. Ponytails, and modified ponytails with multiple bands along the length, are not uncommon on long-haired dudes. Plaits (which I pretty much have to use in order to keep my hair off my face) unfortunately are a bit more unusual, but damn it, I’m working on having that be an accepted form of androgyny.


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