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Hi. I am 29 and have been in a monogamous relationship for nearly 10 years. Prior to that I was closeted and had basically no exposure to GSMs (Gender and/or Sexuality Minority) or life as a GSM. I literally had no sex education thanks to my Christian high school in Texas and once in my relationship we just figured things out.

However, things have become complex now. And among the things I need, is some basic sex education that is gender inclusive and queer friendly. Scarleteen is great but I’m married and older and I want a comprehensive sex education, not just a topical one (don’t get me wrong, I love what Scarleteen does – I just need something different).

Dan Savage talks about being “good” at sex, I’d like to learn about that. I’d also like more information about orgasms and other types of pleasure.

And in long tern relationships how do ask for what we want sexually in appropriate, reasonable and effective ways…and what can expect in navigating that conversation?

To what extent is it “ok” to do things outside of your comfort zone in order to meet a partners needs?

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Violet

    Something that’s been quite helpful to me, and maybe will be to you, is the Sexplanations channel on YouTube. It’s hosted by a clinical sexologist named Lindsay Doe, and it covers all manner of things, and I’ve found it very helpful in supplementing and correcting my own woefully inadequate sex education (conservative schools WOO).


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