Profile: Monster

You can call me… Monster

I identify as… transmasculine, transotherwise, Gender Not Otherwise Specified, inter-gendered, agender, seventh gender

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’m similarly uncomfortable with all pronouns besides “it,” but let people call me by whichever set they’re most comfortable with (since most people have a problem with calling a person “it”). I’ve found that I’d rather that I’m uncomfortable when people talk about me than have everyone around me be uncomfortable because of me.

I’m attracted to… people who aren’t afraid of themselves and aren’t afraid of the world and what the world has to throw at them.

When people talk about me, I want them to… see me as just another person, and not question when someone uses a mismatch pronoun or noun to describe me.

I want people to understand… gender dysphoria is an actual thing, and when someone tells you to use a pronoun or a noun, you should use it. It may be awkward and inconvenient for you at first, but to them, your use of correct words could mean the difference between a day of incredible pain and a day to relax a little.

About Monster
I’m Monster: I love minimalism, femme-androgyny, and the color rose. One of my goals in life is to have an extensive collection of beanies. I’m a student looking to find my way to San Francisco to study gender counseling and advocacy.

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2 Responses to “Profile: Monster”

  1. Lilybean

    Interesting to see ‘it’ as a preferred pronoun.
    Considering that’s been used to dehumanise and mock gender variant people many times, it’s almost like ‘reclaiming’ it.


  2. anta

    I can relate to liking “it”. In Finnish it’s very common to call everything and everyone “it” (se) in spoken language, even though all pronouns are gender neutral. It’s always kind of awkward for me trying to think which pronoun I would prefer in English or other languages with gendered pronouns.

    I think it’s kind of been hammered into my head that in English “it” is unsuitable when referring to a person, so I might not be comfortable with it myself either.

    I totally agree on the thing about people undestanding gender dysphoria. It’s always devastating when someone seems to think that “those people” are just making life harder for everyone.

    Also, beanies are cool


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