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Lunar heart asks…

Hello! So I was confused for a while about my gender identity. I went through thinking I was Demi-girl, to gender fluid but I’ve come to realise I don’t ever fluctuate in my feelings or masculinity and femininity, or lack thereof. I feel as though I’m in the middle not attached to either binary gender. Does this sound as though I am agender?

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Posted by on December 21st, 2015 at 08:00 am

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  1. E.

    Hi! So from how it sounds, you feel as if you *do* have a gender (or at least partially), while agender is when you are genderless. I feel like I need to be much more helpful, so here are some others:

    Androgynous (both a gender expression & gender identity): Simultaneously masculine and feminine (though you do not have to identify as specifically male or female).

    Intergender: Feeling as if you have an identity between male and female.

    Neutrois: Gender neutral. Not to be confused with agender, which is when you are genderless.

    (My definitions are kinda muddy, so you may wanna look them up if interested in more info.) I myself can’t determine your gender, but I think the best thing I have to say is: just dig around, try on some (for you; non-binary) gender identities, and consider what fits. Good luck :)


    skye replied:

    I’m Agender, and I don’t think about my identity in terms of gender. I don’t fluctuate between man and woman, I don’t feel a strong pull toward any variation of the constructs of masculinity and femininity, and after years of reflection, I’ve come to realize that none of the other genders in the broad gender spectrum fit me. I define Agender as being detached from the gender spectrum entirely.


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