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I’ve looked absolutely everywhere for a backpack – school is starting in two days – and nowhere can I find a decent backpack that isn’t made for “businessmen.” I need something strong, supportive, with lots of pockets, including one for a laptop, but every pack I’ve seen is for huge men. When I try to wear these, it kills my neck and looks ridiculous.

I’ve looked at Swiss, Kenneth Cole, and Samsonite mostly, but only the cheaper, less durable, and less practical backpacks (JanSport, Herschel) seem to fit me properly.

The few packs I’ve found that might work only come in purple, or with pink and lime lining, which is out of the question.

Please post your response in the comments below.

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8 Responses to “Question: Backpacks for not-male”

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know what sort of build you are, but I’m short with proportionally broad shoulders and I found a good, medium-sized entirely black backpack that was Samsonite. It has enough pockets to carry a small laptop, textbooks, lunchbox and other bits and bobs, but wasn’t too big or heavy unless I overloaded it. So they do exist and my advice would be to try Samsonite again. Also, I think I found mine in a luggage store, so look there if you haven’t already.


  2. Alan

    Mine is a High Sierra, and it has a number of pockets, fits perfectly nicely and doesn’t have particularly bright colours. I’ve had it for probably around six years, and it’s only recently gotten to the point where I’m considering a new one.


  3. Anonymous

    I’ve got a North Face Borealis which I love to pieces; big enough to fit everything without looking bulky, nice combination of black and color (they’ve got various; mine is blue), very sturdy (had it for half a decade and still going strong), and – I think – pretty unisex :) If that one’s still too big for you, they’ve got a model called Isabella which is slightly more feminine in name but looks almost the same only smaller…


  4. Anonymous

    This backpack is super popular at my school as both a girl (light blue) and guy (navy or dark green) backpack.


  5. white lines

    Those are really helpful. Thanks! :)


  6. Adryrn

    I’ve used this bag both for carrying textbooks/my laptop and for backpacking. I’m 5′ 4″, and it’s a pretty good size for me/not too hard on my back as long as I don’t put too much stuff in it. It holds a lot for its size.


  7. Anonymous

    Not sure about your budget but I’ve found awesome designs with timbuk2, both my husband and I (both queer) have backpacks from them, he designed his and I bought one in sale price. Great backpacks, lots of pockets and very durable.


  8. Log Cotton Wood

    I’d suggest finding a skateboarding company like Vans Or Burton, they make great backpacks for all people. They also almost always have laptop pockets and a lot of great colors and patterns. good luck! <3


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