Question: How do I date as a genderqueer individual?

Chrissy asks…

How do I go about dating as a genderqueer individual?

I’m into females… and other genderqueer people…

It’s hard to present the way I want in everyday life… Often I just have to settle for looking like a ‘bloke’ – to avoid issues with family or at work. When I meet new people, whether over the internet or in person, it’s tricky to let people know that they’re not getting into a relationship with a ‘man’ as such.

And then when I do try online dating – like Tinder, I have to tick a box – ‘Male’ or ‘Female’. And then what do I put as my dating photo – the ideal, outside me that I am able to present as every now and again, or the version that’s least likely to get their hopes up that people see at work or around my family…


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4 Responses to “Question: How do I date as a genderqueer individual?”

  1. Anonymous

    As a demigirl skilosexual(attracted to non binary people), I get you. I am currently in my first relationship, they are agender. We met through their sister, who is my coworker. I wouldn’t even try online. My Pronouns: per/pers/perself


  2. Riley Alexandr

    I might recommend sites like okcupid, where you can type in your gender rather than tick a box. That’s what I do. Good luck friendo!


    Chrissy replied:

    Honestly, I gave OKCupid a go and it was useless. You might be able to choose ‘genderqueer’ etc, but when you search people yourself, you can search ‘Women seeking Women’ or ‘Women seeking Men’ or ‘Women seeking Men and Women’ but… no in between! So it doesn’t really work too well really.


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