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Gabriel asks…

Hi there!

I identify and have recently begun to come out as agender. I am male and have trouble picking out underwear. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for websites or stores that sell more “femmy” or feminine underwear for males? Or maybe something that helps bind your bulge (rather than enunciate it).

Thanks so much!

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Posted by on December 1st, 2015 at 08:00 am

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  1. Em

    Hey, this is a familiar problem! I’m AMAB but identify as non-binary, and have some mild dysphoria about the genitals I was born with, so I’m often trying to conceal them too.
    I’ve found that the most comfortable solution for regular daily use is often called ‘shapeware’ or control panties. To me, gaffes are too uncomfortable for most uses, especially when most of them are thong-style. The control panties flatten out bulges very nicely, though results might vary a bit depending on how compressible the bits in the front are.
    The best way I’ve found to use them is over the top of other underwear, which makes them easier to reuse, and so you don’t have to buy too many of them. Around 5 is a good number.
    Here’s a good source for them on Amazon, these are the ones I use.

    Hope that helps!


  2. Anonymous

    I’m a fan of the soft cotton “girls bike shorts” sold by the mass-market retail stores such as Target and Walmart. Unfortunately, they are usually available only in the spring and tend to sell out quickly. They come in various girlish and gender-neutral colors and patterns (polka dots, stars, zebra stripes, solid pink, solid black, etc.). Although they are meant to be worn as outerwear (or as a modesty garment under a skirt), I find them quite comfortable as underwear. They’re quite stretchy; girls size XL fits my mens M body quite well. Some of the patterns camouflage bulges a little.


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