Profile: Joel

You can call me… Joel

I identify as… Gender-Fluid

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Call me what you want. I personally don’t care about pronouns, and dont want to ask people in my life to adjust how they see me more than needed. Although, to put a bit of variaty in what I am referred to, he/him and they/them is Greatly appreciated.

I’m attracted to… I’m pansexual soooo….
I am also 14 and not exactly looking for anything sooo….

When people talk about me, I want them to… Not be a dick

I want people to understand… The question of “oh. What pronouns do you prefer?” Makes me REALLY uncomfortable because as I have already stated, I don’t want to make people put effort into how they see me. Also it would be great if the kids at school seem to catch on a LITTLE bit more to how… not excluded, but not included I feel. I just moved from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast and the transition has been tough. Tough, not Tuff. And certainly not Cool. (Sorry PonyBoy). Especially that girl Maddie who always seems to be pissed at me for NO reason.

About Joel
I am a DANCER!
I love Books.
Movies are OK
I also draw
I’m not too bad at writing
I am a beautiful mixture of childlike and mature
I am 5 foot 7 (maybe 8?) Inches tall.
(Yes. The weather up here is FABULOUS. And yes, heals make me feel powerful and I can practically touch an airplane when I wear them. Also, YES. IT ANNOYS THE FLIP OUT OF ME WHEN YOU MENTION MY HIGHT. SO STOP BRINGING IT UP. WE’VE TALKED ABOUT IT. AND NOW WE ARE DONE.)
I just started High school and it still blows my mind that I’ve gotten this far
I plan to travel the country after graduation with my bestest friends.

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