Question: Androgynous CIS?

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So I have a strong wanting to be androgynous. But like I don’t want cosmetic surgery or anything like that. I just like the idea of wearing male clothing, but I can’t really try that because of my mom and the money. I’m female, and I’m happy being female, but I still want to look male sometimes…I don’t like feel male, I always feel femme and I’m perfectly fine with that. I just don’t know what I am if I’m happy being a female and identifying cis, but yet still wanting to possibly look and dress like a male? My sexuality isn’t in question, but I guess my gender? I just don’t know and am very confused as to what I classify as. Androgynous Cis girl???

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Posted by on January 6th, 2016 at 08:00 am

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  1. Anonymous

    “Androgynous cis girl”

    Yeah, that’s a thing.

    I’m an androgynous cis male. Although gender-wise I kind of identify somewhere else. But you can totally be cis and be androgynous-presenting. Maybe you identify as female but appreciate “men’s” fashion/style/form? Or androgynous fashion/style/form? And that’s your thing? Cool.


  2. Alexa

    Well, that is one option, and even though my opinion is that clothing doesn’t need an explanation, if it’s for the looks you could actually omit having a term for your tastes.

    Although this falls in the Gender Expression concept, if your clothing isn’t affecting you feeling female, you could go with just “unisex styled” which depending on your fashion taste could even go so far as to call it cyberpunk or minimalist (both currents have a tendency towards unisex) and that would help on de-genderizing clothing.

    Ultimately it is you who has to define the term you feel comfortable with


  3. nola

    Yo, thrift stores are your friend! masculine clothes can be had for cheap


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