Profile: Adrian

You can call me… Adrian

I identify as… agender and transmasculine

As far as third-person pronouns go, … he/him or they/them. i like he/him most.

I’m attracted to… i’m grey-asexual / kinda demisexual and panromantic.

When people talk about me, I want them to… use masculine honorifics like ‘sir’, ‘man’, ‘mister’ etc instead of neutral terms. mr. / mx. are interchangeable, but i don’t like datefriend, sibling, child, etc for me… i want my parents to call me ‘son’, i want my brother to call me ‘brother’, and i want my s/o to call me their ‘boyfriend’.

I want people to understand… – rule 63 fanworks and cis-swapping is disgustingly cissexist and transphobic and it’s so violently invalidating so keep it away from me…
– i define agender for myself to mean ‘gender neutral’ like neutrois, not me lacking a gender
– i’m from iowa and i go to school for cinema!
– i’m autistic and i have bpd
– i’m a virgo sun, cancer moon, libra rising

About Adrian
hi, i’m adrian, i’m nineteen at the moment, i sometimes go by my middle name, james, or my pseudonym, virgoe bex. i’m a cinema student and an aspiring screenwriter and director.

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