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You can call me… Lorenzo

I identify as… erm…well, I’m really unsure about my gender. I mean, I was born male but I have never really felt that much of ‘connection’ with this definition. I had never asked myself if being ‘male’ for me was right because I didn’t really care since me was me and not the gender assigned to me. Then, not too long ago, I started wondering again about my gender and I honestly don’t know how to define myself because I think I’m agender but I also have difficulties to completely abandon the current definition I have of myself because I’ve never felt a very gender dysphoria. (ps: I also tried to define myself as a demiboy but I don’t think this gender totally represents me -I don’t know how to explain it lol-). Pratically I think I’m agender but maybe I’m not yet ready to totally accept this?

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I don’t have a real preference, maybe because in Italian (my native language) we haven’t pronouns to define ourselves in other ways than male or female. However, if I had to choose, I would prefer ‘he/him’, ‘they/them’ or ‘ne/nem’ (I’m not even sure about my gender but I probably would prefer one of these pronouns if i would recognize myself as agender).

I’m attracted to… men. I’ve also made coming out with some of my class mates and my best friend. (Actually I’m wondering even about my sexual orientation, but the explanation would be too long lol)

When people talk about me, I want them to… know that even if I seem all happy and smiling and even a little stupid (basically all the people I know think I’m stupid lol) I have emotions too. Even if they believe I’m kinda indifferent to others’ opionions, this isn’t true (just the opposite lol. To my misfortune, I use to care a lot -maybe too much- about others’ opinions about me)

I want people to understand… that gender (like sexuality) isn’t just made of two choices (male/female or straight/gay). We have plenty of them, we only have to find ‘right one’ for us.

About Lorenzo
I’m 15, I’m Italian and I’m UGLY (and I know it lol). I’ve watched a lot of TV series and Anime and I’ve also read a lot of manga and books. My favourite genres are:
books: Fantasy, Romance and also Literature
TV series: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural and even Romance
Anime: Basically every genre, maybe Action and Comedy (?)
Manga: Yaoi (*COFF COFF* YAOI IS LIFE *COFF COFF*), Shounen and Seinen.

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