Rally Up! Tell me your fave Genderfork posts!

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a few talks coming up (one’s at Oberlin College this Wednesday — 4pm, Wilder 101 — poke me for more details) in which I plan on reading a series of posts from Genderfork. But jeez — can you imagine someone in my shoes trying to pick out what to read? It’s like choosing your favorite ten children when you have 3,000 of them.

Help me out? Tell me which posts on Genderfork that have been the most powerful and heart-rocking for you. What does the world need to hear the loudest from us, from a microphone?

Leave comments, quotes, links, tweets, and love letters below.

Thank you so much,
Sarah Dopp
founder of Genderfork

p.s. Favorite photos are welcome too. I can’t use those in this week’s talk, but I think maybe I can in the next one that’s brewing.

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6 Responses to “Rally Up! Tell me your fave Genderfork posts!”

  1. Alex

    First I want to say how much I appreciate the existence of this site. Thank you!! These are two posts I chose as my favorite:




  2. Anonymous

    seconding those above, and suggesting these.





  3. Anonymous

    and profiles like this one
    for introducing me (and many others, i’m sure) to terms like neutrois and agendered.


  4. Anonymous

    “If people call me dyke I wish I could tell them I’m genderqueer but that’s not a word in my language. I sometimes wonder if there’s a need for a word for that exists only in the US, but then I realize I’m not in the US either. And I do exist.
    Dyke is really not something that applies to me – if anything, call me faggot. I think that’s something I’d actually have an answer to. It would be easier to have to be defensive about liking boys than it is being defensive about liking girls.”


  5. Sarah Dopp

    Thank you, everyone! Keep ’em coming!


  6. Anonymous

    Hm… the pictures that stuck most in my mind, since I see we have mostly quotes and profiles, are these:


    Just wonderful pictures in all senses- the colors, the contrasts, the people and positions.


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